Name:Pakistan (Islamic Republic of Pakistan)
Local name (Urdu):(ﻥﺎﺘﺴﻛﺎﭘ ﺖﻳﺭﻮﻬﻤﺟ ﻰﻣﻼﺳﺍ) ﻥﺎﺘﺴﻛﺎﭘ
Bordering countries:India, China, Afghanistan, Iran
Status:sovereign state
Surface:803.9 ths. sq. km
Population (2003):150 695 ths.
Capital:Islamabad (ﺩﺎﺑﺎﻣﻼﺳﺍ / Islamabad)
Official languages:Urdu, English

Current national symbols

Historical symbols:
Dominion of Pakistan (1947-1956)
Islamic Republic of Pakistan (since 1956)

Separatist symbols

Self-proclaimed state of Free Kashmir under Pakistani control

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