Historical local symbols

Russian overseas dependencies XVIII-XIX c.
Flag of the Russian-American Company (Alaska) 1799-1867

Caucasian state entities XIX c.
Flag of the Chechen-Daghestani Imamate 1828-1859
Flag of the Circassian (Adyghean) State 1838-1864

Civil War 1917-1922 separatist entities
Flag of the Don Provisional Government 1918-1920
Flag of the Kuban Land 1918-1920
Flag of the Siberian Provisional Government 1918
Flag of the Provisional Regional Government of Ural 1918
Flag of the Transbaikalian Republic 1920
Flag of the Republic of North Caucasian and Daghestani mountain peoples 1918-1919
Flag of the Yakut Autonomous Republic 1918-1920
Flag of the North Caucasian Emirate 1918-1920
Flag of the Daghestani Emirate 1919-1920
Flag of the Free State of Chukotka 1919-1920

Far East Republic 1920-1922

Tuva People's Republic 1921-1944

Karelo-Finnish Soviet Socialist Republic 1940-1956

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