Name:Belorussia (Republic of Belorussia)
Local name (Belorussian):Беларусь (Рэспублiка Беларусь)
Local name (Russian):Белоруссия (Республика Белоруссия)
Bordering countries:Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine
Status:sovereign state
Surface:207.6 ths. sq. km
Population (2003):10 322 ths.
Capital:Minsk (Мiнск / Минск)
Official languages:Belorussian, Russian

Current national symbols

Historical symbols:
Belorussia in the Russian Empire (1772-1918)
Belorussian People's Republic (1918-1920)
Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic (1919-1991)
Republic of Belorussia (since 1991)

Ethnic symbols

Commonwealth of Independent States   Soviet Union

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