ENCYCLOPAEDIA HERALDICA project is dedicated to national and state symbols of all countries and peoples which are the subject of my long-standing study and collecting.

ENCYCLOPAEDIA HERALDICA contains images of flags, coats of arms and recordings of anthems as well as short statistical data regarding countries, peoples and organizations to which the symbols belong. Concerning the status of several countries and territories I consider myself rightful to hold point of view substantially different from those of government and international community.

My goal was not to maintain canons of flag images as it is observed in their respective countries as long as it concerns proportions and colors. Most of flags (excluding special cases) are published in 3:2 proportion and using color gamma typical of Soviet encyclopedias. Those liberties I allow myself in coats of arms as well. As far as possible I tried not to publish flags and coats of arms in images and authenticity of which I have considerable doubt. Historic symbols are limited to XVIII-XX centuries with rare exception.

Names of countries and territories are published in local languages including those using non-European scripts. If you want to them to appear correctly on your screens please download special fonts here. I consider that's right to use geographical names in English traditional manner, and I don't understand why I must to say Myanmar instead of Burma or Cote d'Ivoire instead of Ivory Coast.

Oleg B. Kozlov

Enter and use

All the images and audio files on this site may be downloaded FREELY, as the author is staunch opponent of modern total commercialization of all spheres of human life.


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