Flags of the fictious countries
in the literature and cinema

Naval ensign of the Republic of Anchuria O'Henry's novel "Cabbages and Kings"
Flag of the Nazi state of Tomania Charlie Chaplin's film "Great Dictator"
Flag of the Kingdom of Zaamunda John Landis' film "Coming to America"
Party flag of Oceania Michael Redford's film "1984" based on George Orwell's novel
Flag of the Republic of San Lorenzo Kurt Vonnegut's novel "Cat's Cradle"
Flag of the Kingdom of Tigora John Guillermin's film "Sheena"
Flag of some South Asian country Richard Lester's film "Help!"
Flag of some African country Claude Zidi's film "Banzai"
Flag of the "Yaki" movement Vasily Aksenov's novel "Crimea Island"

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